Best price-quality ratio

With us you will find the best price-quality ratio. We rent very neat boats for a very competitive price.

For the exact prices per period you can look at the overview at the bottom of this page. The prices per week are stated here. Outside the high season (until June 25 and from September 4) it is also possible to book a weekend or midweek . The costs for this depend on the period and from:

€ 425 for the JW1, JW2, JW3.

€ 525 for the JW4 and JW5.

When renting several weeks the 2nd week 10% discount!

Week = Friday approx. 3:00 pm to Friday 11:00 am, so really 1 week!
Weekend = Friday approx. 3 p.m. to Monday 11 a.m., so nice and long!
Midweek = Monday approx. 3:00 pm to Friday 11:00 am.

LAST MINUTE OFFER (YELLOW) : With free folding bikes and sailing instruction!


All our boats are equipped with a complete kitchen inventory.

Can also be rented there;

  • 2 folding bicycles, together for € 40 per week, 1 bicycle € 25 per week.
  • Neat dinghy with 4 hp outboard motor (dinghy) with 4 hp motor € 100 per week. (see for photo with the photos of the JW4)
  • Supplement € 50 per week.

Pets in consultation (€ 35 per week).

If desired, you can receive a sailing instruction for € 40 (if you have no experience in sailing motor cruisers, this is mandatory).

No other additional costs such as reservation costs / cleaning costs etc. except of course the fuel costs.

Deposit is € 450 to be paid on departure.

With us you can free covered parking during your boating holiday!

All our boats are insured.

For more information or questions about availability, please contact Gerto or Martje de Boer tel: 06-41524448 or leave a message on the contact form.