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Here you can stay informed of the latest developments and news about our shipyard.

Winter 2021 : The JW5 has been completely repainted on the outside, she is like new! The gas bottle locker on the bathing platform has been adjusted, made smaller, the bed in the back of the sleeping cabin has been adjusted; this can now also be made into a double bed. The JW5 is also equipped with new curtains.

March / April 2021: The JW2 has been repainted, fitted with new curtains and new windows in the wheelhouse, for better visibility while sailing!

February / March 2021 : The JW3 will be provided with a new tent , this will be a convertible tent, just like the JW1. Pictures of this can be seen below the page of the JW3 itself.

February 2021 : We have a new rental boat , the JW6 a Schouw of more than 10 meters. See the picture here. This will first have to be prepared for rental and will not be available for rental until later in the season. More info and better photos will follow later.

August 2020 ; The JW2 is equipped with a brand new engine , a 42 HP Vetus engine.

July 2020 : We bought a new boat for rental. The JW5 is a Blokland cruiser of 10.5 meters and has 5 to 6 berths. It is a very complete boat with interior and exterior controls, a bow thruster, hot air heating, solar panels, shore power, a new engine and much more! See the pictures below. (The gangways have now been given a gray color instead of blue.

The JW3 is now also equipped with an inverter.

Winter / Spring 2020:

  • The JW1 is equipped with hydraulic steering for more sailing comfort
  • The JW2 is equipped with a new tent with beautiful large windows for good visibility while sailing.
  • The JW4 fully again put in the paint, new mattresses and upholstery, hot air heating and a bimini top.

August 2019 : We bought a new JW4 for rental. See the picture below. The Lauwersmeer cruiser has been sold, we now have a 9.5 meter Heck cruiser. Very complete boat, including wide gangways, bow thruster, hot and cold water, 220V, inside and outside steering, Davits, bimini top, battery charger. For even more boating fun! It will be prepared for rental this winter.

5/30/2019 : The JW2 is now also equipped with hot air heating . In addition, an inverter has been built in so that 220V is also present on board.

March 19, 2019: The JW3 will be fully equipped with new pillows / mattresses and new upholstery this spring.

March 11, 2019 : Due to the new hot air heating, we currently have a promotion: now 10% discount on a boating holiday in April, May, September and October! This promotion runs until April 1, 2019. (only valid with 1 week boat rental).

March 9, 2019 : We are currently installing hot air heating in the JW2. The JW3 is now ready.

February 2019 : In the winter of 2018-2019 we bought a new rental boat , the JW4. A 9.5m Lauwersmeer cruiser, for 4-6 people. This boat will be prepared for rental this summer. [= sold in the meantime].